Thursday, November 20, 2008

Publishing Items

Exhibition Guide Book

Contains general information about the whole of JB ’09 Programs, including schedule, location, and activities in Opening Ceremony, Artist Talks, Seminars, Workshops, and Artist Gatherings. This book will also include location map, brief information about JB ’09 artists, and other exhibition activities at the same time in other galleries in Jakarta.
Language : Indonesian
Designer : Irwan Ahmett (Ahmett Salina)
Edition : 3.000 copies
Distribution : will be distributed for free.

Exhibition Catalogue
This catalogue will be published internationally as an anthology of writings on contemporary arts in Southeast Asia and the works exhibited in JB ’09. The contributors are fine arts experts from Southeast Asia.
1. DR. Thomas Berghuis
A Netherlands born curator, critics, and fine art lecturer who now resides in Australia. He will analyze the phenomenon of artists' mobility in Southeast Asia and art practices resulted from residency programs and artists exchange.
2. Prof. Patrick D. Flores
A Curator, critic, and arts lecturer from Philippines. Will review the history of contemporary arts in Southeast Asia.
3. Adeline Ooi
Curator and critic from Malaysia. Will analyze the trend and current issues in the works of young artists from Southeast Asia.
4. Enin Supriyanto
Curator and critic from Indonesia. Will review the latest development of arts infrastructure in Southeast Asia.
5. Agung Hujatnikajennong
Curator for JB ’09 and critic from Indonesia. Will write about the curatorial theme of JB ’09, Fluid Zone, and the works in exhibition.

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